January 2: Three goals for this month

Day 2 of my daily journal prompt…In my last entry, I listed six goals I would like to accomplish by the end of the year. But to accomplish those goals, I have to have monthly, weekly, and even daily milestones to keep myself on track. So here are three of my goals for January 2018:

  • For the six goals I want to accomplish, create a timeline with weekly goals and scheduled monthly re-evaluations. The things I am planning for the year are all things I want badly, but take a lot of planning and work to get there. My goal by January 31st is to have a timeline set for each of the six goals I mentioned in the last entry, and create timelines as new goals arise.
  • Create a spreadsheet outlining my spending habits from 2017, and creating a budget for my expenses for 2018. Between travel, debt, bills, and the potential expenses to be incurred with the goals I want to accomplish, on top of my desire to have a significant amount allocated for my savings account, I need to be much more careful with what I do with my money.
  • De-clutter and reorganize my house so that everything has a home and lives there. I have all these Pinterest aspirations without the time, energy, and sometimes motivation to put things in place. But if I don’t do this now, then I never will. Paper clutter, tchotchkes that I don’t even use…all of that needs to go. If I can sell it, then Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp it is. If I have to trash it, then so be it. But I’m not trying to keep up with all this mess anymore. Plus, with the fact that I have someone that comes and cleans my house once a month, I would like them to be able to do all rooms instead of having to shamefully hide all my mess in my office and make it off limits.

New Year, New Me…Or Something Like That

I’ve been terrible, especially as of late, about taking time for myself to actually kind of sit and get myself organized, regroup, and gather my thoughts. How do I know? Because everything for me has been so scattered, and I’ve found myself haphazardly tasking with no plan for the day, much less my life. I decided to start doing a daily journal entry to hopefully force myself to take a moment to slow down and take myself out of the crazy, even for a few moments. I found some prompts on Pinterest (surprise) that seemed like they’d be good. So here goes.

January 1: What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to getting my life together and hopefully embarking on a new chapter. I’ve got multiple goals set for this year, and I hope to commit to them so they don’t become lofty, unattainable New Year’s resolutions. For one, I hope to increase the amount of travel I do. I’ve got a friend’s wedding in Hawaii in the summer and then I’m planning on spending my 30th birthday month doing the Camino Ignaciano in Spain. I hope to do some smaller trips in between, but that’s all highly dependent on budget.

Although speaking of the Camino, that brings me to my next goal of being more conscious of my health and fitness. With planning to effectively walk across Spain, I’m going to need to train. I’ve had a membership for ClassPass for 2 months and have yet to use it, and the membership to the rec center in my neighborhood since the summer that I’ve only used twice, so I’m hoping to increase my activity to not only drop weight, but improve my endurance and stave off any impending health problems.

The third goal is to be more wise with my money. I’ve attempted multiple times to create a budget, which has basically been collecting information on past expenses and then forgetting to create a plan to actually adhere to. So at the top of my list is actually making this happen, so that I can budget for the travel and other expenses.

My fourth goal is to initiate the process of applying to a grad school program by the end of the year. I’ve been working for five years now (which is insane to me), and I’m starting to feel burnt out and restless, so it’s time for a change. While I’m not entirely sure I want to leave the ER setting altogether, I need a different main hustle. So nursing informatics is my next target.

My fifth goal is to finish all of the projects I’ve started or wanted to start. I’ve got this whole craft closet and home office full of things that I’ve half-started and multiple Pinterest boards with projects I have yet to start, and none of them do any good if I don’t bring them to completion. Even if they don’t work, at least I could say that I tried.

My sixth and final goal is to create a plan. I have all these goals that have the potential to just be hopes and dreams instead of reality. But if I want them to happen, I need to create specific milestones and deadlines. If I learned nothing from nursing care plans in college, it’s that a good goal must be measurable and specific.

So that’s what I most look forward to for 2018. Not a specific event in particular, but to the idea that I’m going to start valuing my own body, career, and time much more highly than I have been.

30DBC Day 28: Goals for My Blog

Hmmm…I’m not really sure honestly. I’m not doing this blog to get followers or be internet famous or anything. It’s just something to help me document things I’m interested in at the moment and just be an outlet for whatever thoughts I may have at the time. I guess the biggest goal for this one would just be to keep at it. Maybe take an hour once a week to write something…maybe from some kind of prompt or maybe just whatever happens to pop into my head that day.

That’s all I got…not really one of my more prolific posts, but whatever.

30DBC Day 21: My Fitness Routine/Goals

Oh this is going to be real short. What’s my fitness routine? I’m on my feet for 12 hours at a time three days a week. That’s about it. I’d love to say I go out and exercise and whatnot, but that would be a boldfaced lie. I dabble in things here and there though. Every now and again, I do hot yoga at Black Swan, but that’s only been once every couple of months depending on my schedule. I used to run a lot, and want to get back into it. And I still pay for a gym membership, but my actual attendance is getting less and less frequent.

So I guess my goal would be to get back into some kind of routine. I know I definitely want to drop some weight (and a couple of pant sizes), but mostly just so I don’t end up like some of the patients I see at work. If there’s one thing nursing school has taught me though is that goals have to be specific, measurable, and have a timeline so here goes:

  • Reach 160 pounds by May
  • Run (or run/walk) along my running trail (approximately 5 miles) at least once a week
  • Get my money’s worth out of my gym membership and go at least three times a week

And I’ll end there so that I can have goals that are manageable and realistic because otherwise, I’ll just get overwhelmed and nap.