For Auld Lang Syne


…Yeah, no.

But not having goals or anything leads to stagnation, so I figure why not actually try to have some resolutions?

  • Maintenance: It’s easier to maintain things than to fix them so my goal is to take this first month to fix things so that I can maintain them for the rest of the year. That goes for vehicles, appliances, cleanliness…I’m just tired of this cycle of “Well crap, it’s broke/dirty/something’s wrong with it; now I have to fix it.” The biggest thing with this is that it’s going to require me to quit procrastinating.
  • Finish a project a month: Speaking of procrastinating, I’ve got a craft closet full of things I’m half-finished with, and a list of home improvement projects that I’ve also done pretty much nothing with. So my goal is to pick a craft and a home improvement project for each month and actually finish them so that I can actually realize the visions that I’ve had for them instead of the raw materials just sitting in a closet. Time to start crossing things off my Pinterest boards!
  • Read a book each month: While we’re on the topic of monthly things, I want to also get to the point where I’m reading at least one book each month. With how busy things are and how much catch up I’m playing, I haven’t had much time to actually read (I think I only read a single book cover-to-cover in 2016 and started a handful more without actually finishing). I think I’ll start with The Nerdist Way┬áby my favorite comedian himself (and suspected fellow Enneagram 6), Chris Hardwick.
  • Weekly meditations: For a while I tried to do the daily meditation thing. Read some passages, meditate on gratitude, etc. Then I’d fall off for a day or two, get frustrated and then next thing you know I’m off the wagon. Finding something to be grateful for each day is still important to me, but the every day thing is a little daunting. So my plan is to record what I’m grateful for each day and then each week, sit down and do a legit prayerful meditation to hopefully keep me centered and less impulsive.
  • Planning: With all the best intentions to use my calendars, etc. (especially since Google Calendar is on my freaking phone), I still go from week to week not planning much farther ahead than my next three shifts. My goal is to sit down at the end of each month (or beginning for this one) and plug everything into my calendar so that I can have a better view of what I’m doing and when.
  • Budget: My finances are pretty much a damn dumpster fire when it comes to budgeting. Money goes all over the place, but way more than it should goes into eating out and social outings. I think a couple of months, eating out alone took up $600 of my income. So my goal is to analyze the spending for the last year, and actually come up with hard-and-fast numbers to keep my spending in check.

As much as I would love to have a bunch more lofty goals (and I do in my head), I’m sticking to these six. Mostly because much more than that, and I’ll probably get overwhelmed trying to keep track of them all and fall off all of the wagons.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually get my mess in order and get my ass in shape.

…or at least maybe stave off the diabetes and high cholesterol for another year.