Rock You Like a Hurricane

…which is exactly what it has felt like the last 3-4 weeks have done to me. Oh screw it, the last month and a half has been this whirlwind of events and emotions and ridiculousness.

In the last month an a half, I’ve had my NCLEX (which I passed!); the beginning of my job hunt (which put me into a funk that led to my week-long social media sabbatical); a vacation to Destin; the death of a friend and his funeral; another buddy’s wedding and accompanying festivities; the end of my job hunt; a move back up to Austin; and the beginning of my orientation. Keep in mind the funeral and the wedding happened in the same weekend in two different cities, and the job interview in yet another city was within seven days of that weekend. Poor Xena (my car) has so many miles on her from that week alone, it’s ridiculous.

In any case, the point of that whole story is not to brag that my life generally works itself out in about the time frame of a typical sitcom. But rather, it’s a testament in both how far faith, hope, and perseverance can take you and how important the people in your life are. The second, I’ll get to in another post.

Now, I’m one to lose faith really easily in situations that “rock me like a hurricane,” to reference the title. I know this, I’m working on it, and it’s beginning to take situations of greater severity to put me in that bad place. But it’s that faith and that hope that will get you through. I began to lose hope and faith when I realized that the job hunt was harder than I thought…that’s what drove me into that funk. But eventually I pulled my head out of my self-pitying butt and began to pray and to work at finding a job, humbling myself to ask my mother for help. And literally on the day that I woke up and said, “Okay God, put me where You want me to go,” my mother walked in saying she had a connection in a Baytown hospital and could get me into one of their critical care units. “Okay, if that’s where You want me, then so be it.” And then not even three hours later, while I was at lunch with my parents, I got the call from my dream job, saying they would like to offer me an interview. And, as they say, the rest is history.

In any case, it was a really good reminder for me to hold onto my rock so that I wouldn’t be rocked.